BBQ...Slow and Low...Delicious Smoked Meats

Monday, June 11, 2018 - 6:00pm to 8:00pm

Looking for some newer "killer" recipes for barbecue time?

O.K. you already are a pretty accomplished outdoor barbecue cook (we'll give you that)..However we're going to provide you the tools to make you "Championship Caliber"..Barbecue CHEF!.. Bring the "BBQ cookin' up a notch or two.

Now the key here is doubt about that! But technique is not all we're going to show you..Special ingredients that are readily available will be a big focus too..Now don't you worry ..we'll be working with familiar foods..chicken..ribs.. brisket..shrimp etc..but incorporating some special ingredients into the mix will forever change the way you cook BBQ and Smoke! and that is going to be OUR secret.. Don't miss out ..this class will fill quick..Held outdoors weather permitting..

We will slow cook wild caught Salmon, Gulf Shrimp, Thai-Curry Chicken that melts in your mouth... Slow cooking over an open fire is an art form. We will show you the tools and basic methodology for slow cooking. On the other side of the coin is "grilling" which is generally very quick. We'll discuss the basics of grilling as well.

From grilling steaks and burgers to grilled Corn and other vegetables..We take the "Burger" and make it regal with just some ordinary ingredients...Brined and barbecued pork chops with some simple yet elegant sauces...Also more flavored butters, salsa's and rubs...