Grilling…great new ideas for your grill repertoire

Monday, June 4, 2018 - 6:00pm to 8:00pm

This class is a combination of our old Men's Night class..and our old Barbecue Class. Taking the best of both and adding some new and frankly better recipes than those classes. Our hopes is that every recipe becomes part of your new repertoire for cooking on the grill. We will cover all the bases using a variety of steaks..burgers..Salmon..Chicken..Shrimp..Vegetables..The choice of seasonings..marinates..rubs and sauces will be international in scope for some deliciously favored dishes.

Techniques will include slow cooking aka BBQ..smoking and high temperature cooking. Naturally we will but always be using supermarket ingredients. Weather permitting we will conduct this class on the patio with 1 gas grill and a smoker unit ..This was a very fun class 2 years ago and the food was worth the price of admission..but learning a lot of new stuff pays dividends for years to come on down by calling Leslie at 802-275-7809 or call 802-463-4929 (restaurant)