Sauce quality made at home

Without doubt, a flavorful sauce can do wonders to an otherwise ordinary meal. Sauces have almost endless possibilities and with a little skill and a few pantry items you too can be making delicious sauces. From cream based sauces, fruit and vegetable based sauces, herb based sauces, to simple wine and liquor based sauces we'll show you the basic principles to making restaurant quality sauces.

Sauces begin as stock, so you'll learn to make quick & easy stocks, then use the stock to create sauces. We will explore all the "mother" sauces, and basic pan sauces that add so much to a meal with so little effort. Also, we'll look at low fat vinaigrette, an exceptional tomato sauce, sauces made "a la minute", and newer "lighter" alternatives to heavier cream based sauces.

We'll explore compound butters, which are an easy way to make an ordinary dish extraordinary. Also cool condiments, including spicy ketchup, steak sauce, roasted mushrooms. We will follow all this by preparing an appetizer and entree that can be used for a variety of sauces.

If you have always found sauces a bit daunting, this is the class for you. As usual, we'll introduce new techniques, new ingredients, and you'll enjoy tasting many of these sauces with an array of different foods. Once you learn the basic principles, you'll enjoy experimenting and creating new sauces. Recipe hand-outs and lots to eat in this fun class. A popular class last season..we expect to fill up fast.

Skip lunch...don't miss this class it is always one of our best! Dessert to be announced!