Steak Class with Sauces

Tired of that same ole steak? If you are a steak lover or have a significant other who likes steak, you'll enjoy this class. The versatility of one of our favorite meats is explored, and I'll be demonstrating some of my best recipes...certainly recipes you won't find on the internet.

We'll advise you on what cuts of beef to buy, how to store them and the best methods of cooking them...from inexpensive chuck/ supermarket steaks and flank New York Strips and Filet Mignon. We will show you how to trim a tenderloin and prepare a strip steak for the grill. We'll share the secrets of grilling a perfect steak, and show you pan fried and slow cooked meats as well.

The class includes making various marinates, bastes, rubs, warm butter sauces and compound butters. We'll make some traditional sauces that provide the perfect accompaniment to a good steak; and marinates that can enhance the flavor of good meat or tenderize the less expensive cuts.

Some examples of what we'll do include:

  • Italian classic "Bistecca alla Pizzaiola"
  • Espresso Rubbed steak with Ancho-Mushroom sauce
  • T Bone steaks for an Argentinean delight with Chimichurri Sauce
  • Bearnaise Sauce on seared Filet Mignon and the best ever steak sauce
  • Szechuan Peppercorn Steak
  • Anchovy-Caper Sauce

Along with this we'll show you an easy method for judging how not to overcook a steak. Recipe hand-outs also include salsas, rubs and bastes that create tangy, fully flavored dishes.

You will come away with a many new ideas to please your family and friends. We regularly get our best feedback from this most popular class. Don't miss this one!