Vegetarian Cuisine

This new class started in 2017..We are very excited about this class!!! This is a class for anyone who likes vegetables..who wants more vegetables in their diet and who may or may not be a vegetarian. We will be doing both vegetable main many vegetable side dishes..We will be working with wide variety of vegetables..some not so familiar to you.. The great part of this class is that most of these recipe will be unfamiliar to you and will greatly broaden your horizon. We will begin with Spicy ( not hot..just spicy) Moroccan carrot salad ..followed by Roasted Parsnip and Sweet potatoes with caper Vinaigrette..this recipe is a blueprint for an infinite number of roast vegetable dishes..Parsnip Dumplings in broth..a truly awesome vegetarian main dish that is much easier than it sounds..Poaching is a great way to cook vegetables..showing off their natural attributes . Here we poach baby vegetables with a Caper Mayonnaise. Stuffed Portobello Mushrooms are a delicious appetizer..but the key is the choice of filling and the cheese.. Another favorite is grilled ( using grill pan) broccoli and Cauliflower.. We will also be using the usuals such as green beans..asparagus..zucchini..broccoli..cauliflower ..eggplant. Lots of new ideas that will become a part of your regular recipes for both family and special guests.. We think this class will fill give Leslie a call if you are interested.1-802-275-7809