Cooking Classes

We have totally revamped all our cooking classes for 2017.. Our focus is to make recipes more accessible to the home cook..As always we use supermarket ingredients, but we want recipes that can be prepared in 30 minutes or less and require no long cooking stocks or fancy restaurant ingredients.. We also want you to become familiar with a few new ingredients and techniques so that you expand your cooking horizons..

Some cooking schools emphasize "hands on" preparation..While we do that from time to time.. my goals for our classes is for everyone to really get immersed in the topic.. Not easy to do in two and half hours.. Thus we try to prepare 5-8 items to give you a better understanding. Hands on would make that impossible. Recipe are a guide and given the explanations we provide..the food prepared before you..and the recipe guide pamphlet..we hope you go away confident you can prepare all we did in the class.

We have a few regulars who keep me on my feet.. I am constantly updating the topic..but also searching and experimenting with new ways of remaking old recipes.. It is something I love to do and hope that the enthusiasm is contagious.

Now in our sixth year we have many improvements in our classes. If you took a class years ago and have not been back since....please give us another try..Hope to see you soon.....John