New Menu

If you are a frequent diner at Leslie's you know we change our menu often. In almost 30 years we have changed our menu hundreds of times. It begs the question why do some restaurants almost never change their menus, while others change their menu seasonally or even more often? Do the recipes the chefs used to create dishes, no longer good enough? Does the chef get bored making the same thing over and over? Maybe the cost of the ingredients have made it prohibitive to sell at a profit. In my experience, generally all of those questions can be answered in the affirmative. But over time, chef's evolve in what they do and how they do it. In short most get better. Methods/techniques and ingredients change and thus recipes evolve into something different.

As an example, we cook seafood dishes using ingredients such as fresh stock (lobster and fish stock) as well as tomato confit...roasted garlic..anchovies..smoked paprika and grey sea salt..just to name a few..These are items I would probably not have used 5 years ago for seafood dishes. So the recipe evolves and the dish is more complex with greater levels of flavor and hopefully a memorable meal. We should note that this is more labor intensive as well. Ultimately a great deal of thought and planning go into designing a menu that is workable for the kitchen and is desirable to the customers.

Over the last several weeks we have spent numerous hours working on a summer menu using fresh summer ingredients and local ingredients. Our new menu is limited to 4-5 items because I am a "one man" kitchen. Everything on the menu is pretty special and hopefully you'll agree. I will also offer some specials that I am excited about as well. Unfortunately this all lasts about 8 weeks.. and then the temperatures change and what people eat changes and the process will have already begun all over again! Hope to see you soon