Dinner For Company...Italian Style .. "Arancini" and our Tri-Colored Salad

In this class we wanted to introduce some Italian specialties that are easy and impressive...YOU can and will make at home.. Arancini..or Sicilian Risotto stuffed balls...are wonderful and versatile..as an appetizer..a luncheon item..or accompaniment to a main dish..such as a Veal Chop..THIS is but one recipe..stuff them with any number of things and top with a Marinara Sauce...Tri-Color Salad is now my favorite winter salad..love the competing flavors and textures..Caesar dressing is easy enough but really demands the little "white anchovies"..imported from Sicily..not the "canned" ones..


Anchovies..Soffritto..Pancetta..Arborio Rice..Fennel..Porcini Mushrooms..
Arugula..Radicchio..Broccoli Rabe..Marsala Wine..Gnocchi..Sambuca..parmigiano reggiano


Tomato and Fresh Mozzarella Arancini..stuffed risotto balls..make ahead appetizer..This is a project..but do them in stages..Breaded..unfried Arancini can be Refrigerated a few days ahead..then fried and finished in the oven last minute..

For the rice; heat 1 T olive oil and 2 T butter in a large pot over medium heat.. Add 1 onion ..diced and cook till soft..(2 min.) Add 2 C arborio rice and stir very well to coat the grains of rice..Add 1 C white wine and cook till the wine is evaporated..stirring constantly..Now add ( a ladle at a time) 4 C hot chicken stock...all the time stirring the rice until the liquid is absorbed and the rice has puffed up..continue this process until the rice is soft to the bite..this process should take 20 minutes + or -....Add 1 1/2 T tomato paste..stir well it in well..Grate 1/4 C parmigiano reggiano ..plus 2 T butter..S & P.. Could add basil pesto..fresh baby spinach wilted in to the warm risotto or any other number of possibilities

Spread the risotto on baking sheet to cool..we want the rice sticky so cool in fridge.
Make into bite size balls and making a “well” insert into the middle pieces of fresh mozzarella..or gorgonzola ..pack together like a “snow ball”..Cover and Refrigerate over night or make an eggwash with 6 eggs and 1/2 C water..4 C breadcrumbs..2 C AP flour..Process of dipping Arancini in flour..then eggwash.then breadcrumbs.. Fry in canola oil..uncrowded..for 2 minutes..or until golden..Using a slotted spoon remove and finish in oven (350) for 10 minutes..Serve with fresh grated parmesan cheese

Tricolor Salad with Caesar Dressing..not Italian..invented in Tijuana! To make the dressing Combine 5 anchovy fillets (preferably salt-packed) rinsed..1 1/2 T red wine vinegar..1 T fresh lemon juice..1 large garlic clove..finely chopped..1/2t kosher salt..1/4 t fresh ground pepper..1/2 c olive oil..don’t use EVOO in food processor..Put in food processor and slowly drizzle olive oil through feed tube to create an emulsion..adjust seasoning with S & P and lemon juice.. Can be refrigerated for 3 days.. Bring back by whisking in a bowl.. For the salad ..combine 1 head of radicchio..3 heads of frisee..6 C arugula..and toss in bowl adding little amounts of dressing to lightly coat the leaves..finish and serve salad with fresh grated parmigiano reggiano..and fresh ground pepper..you could use the traditional romaine lettuce tossed with the radicchio...or really any combination of lettuces you prefer.