Our Steak Sauce..Coffee Rubbed Beef..Chimichurri Sauce

Making your own steak..or barbecue Sauce is both fun & easy..you'll never buy the stuff in the grocery store again...Coffee rub on a grilled or sauteed steak is wonderful...Spanish Rubbed Steak..great rub and the sauce is terrific...

John's Steak Sauce..make large quantities..it keeps for a long time...


In a large pot add some canola oil and saute 1 large onion..medium dice for about 5 minutes on medium heat..Add the following; 1 1/4 C brown sugar..2 C Ketchup...1 C water..1/2 C fresh lemon juice..1/2 C white wine vinegar..
1/2 C Worcestershire sauce..1/4 C soy sauce..1/4 C molasses..2 T Dijon mustard..@ Cloves of garlic..diced..1 t liquid smoke.. 1 t paprika..1 T Ancho chili powder..simmer for about 45 minutes..remove from heat and add 1/2 C horseradish..Check for salt and pepper..cool and store in refrigerator..

Famous Coffee Rub Steak..Combine 1 T ancho chili powder..1 T finely ground espresso beans..2 t sweet paprika..2 t brown sugar..1 t dry mustard..1 t fresh ground coriander..1 t dried oregano..kosher salt..1 t black pepper..1/2 t ground ginger..season one side of steak with a liberal amount of rub.. Sear over high heat for several minutes and turn over to continue cooking..remember to finish in oven at 400F
Spanish Spice-Rubbed Steak combine 3 T smoked paprika..2 t ground cumin..2 t dry mustard..2 T fresh ground fennel seeds..salt & pepper.. SHERRY -VINEGAR SAUCE..2 red bell peppers roasted..peeled, seeded and chopped..1/2 C sherry vinegar ..3 T Dijon mustard..2 T prepared horseradish..2 T honey..1 T molasses.2 t Worcestershire sauce..1 t kosher salt..1/2 t fresh ground pepper..put in a food processor and blend to smooth..if too thick add a little water..Can be made a day ahead..Bring to room temperature before serving..
Chimichurri ..flavorful sauce for steaks..chicken..lamb..makes..2 1/2 C

In a food processor finely grind 4 garlic cloves...add 1 C of Cilantro..1 C of parsley..1 C sliced scallions...1/4 C fresh lime juice..1/2 jalapeno pepper..remove seeds if you don’t want it hot..3 T sherry vinegar..and slowly add canola..or olive oil down the feed tube..to create a semi-thick..chunky sauce..really make it the consistency you prefer. Will change color slightly as it ages..but good for 3-4 days