Turkish Lamb Stuffed Cabbage

One of our favorites!.. easy and delicious..popular with our class! Makes 8 Cabbage Rolls.


In a large skillet melt 1/4 C butter with 2 T olive oil and add 1/2 Onion..chopped with 4 garlic cloves ..crushed..2 t salt & 1 t pepper..cook for 2 minutes and turn off the heat. Now add 1 t cumin..ground..1/2 T cinnamon..1/4 t cayenne pepper..1/4 t oregano..dried..let sit while you prepare the lamb. In a large bowl add 1 lb of ground lamb..1/4 C parsley..chopped..1 T dried currants or raisins..2 T sliced almonds..1 C tomato puree..1 C white rice and 2 t salt..plus the onion mixture..mix to combine and refrigerate..

NOW>>Core the bottom root section out of 1 Head of cabbage..leaving the cabbage whole place in a half full pot of salted boiling water..this is an easy way to separate the cabbage leaves from the head..a few at a time..you’ll need 12 leaves. let the leaves cool. In the meantime make 8 equal size cylinders from you lamb mixture. Roll the lamb mixture in each cabbage leaves making sure to seal each cabbage roll.. Tuck in the sides of cabbage leaves into the sides..think rolling a burrito. Once done line the bottom of a Dutch Oven or large pot with 3 cabbage leaves..Place the rolled cabbage rolls over the leaves and place some more cabbage leaves on top and add 3 1.2 C chicken broth..1 C tomato broth.. 1/2 onion sliced..bay leaf..generous S & P and cook with tight fitting top. Cook for about 1 1/2 hrs..or until fork tender.. Once complete let sit for 1/2 hour (important to complete cooking process)..Remove the cabbage rolls and spoon the sauce over the rolls..garnish with parsley and feta cheese (optional)