Recipes from Our Kitchen

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Scallops and Apple Smoked Bacon with Maple Cream

A wonderful Autumn meal!

Roast Duck with Vermont Maple Glaze

This is a great poultry dish, you'll love it!

Grafton Cheddar & Pear Baked in Phyllo

A healthy meal for the springtime!

Apple-Rutabaga Soup

An incredibly easy soup to put together that looks and tastes like "liquid autumn". Make lots and freeze it!
Rutabaga are those soft ball size "wax-covered" vegetables that are often referred to as "Gilfeather Turnips. The name is derived from a Vermonter named Gilfeather who reintroduced the rutabaga seeds back into mainstream seed catalogs. Rutabaga has a distinct flavor and is sweet. A golden color when pureed. Serves 6 to 8 (2 qt.).

Pan Fried Cod with Chorizo and Littleneck Clams

Beyond Basics Fish Cookery Class...Pan Fried Cod with Chorizo and Littleneck Clams is an example of some of what we explore in our fish /seafood classes...

Seared Sea Scallops Sauce Verte

Another example of some of what we explore in our fish /seafood classes.

Salmon with Miso-Yuzu Broth

In every class we introduce several unusual ingredients... In this particular class we introduced Yuzu.. which is a wonderful citrus juice that comes from the Yuzu Tree in Japan..It is somewhat a combination of lime..tangerine..and a little lemon..not sour..just a beautiful flavor! Can be used in sauces..drinks..vinaigrettes..or just lightly added to finish a dish..You can buy Yuzu Juice on line at Amazon..

Three Recipes..Seafood Casserole..Pumpkin Shrimp Curry..Curried Mussels

Seafood Casseroles can be pretty ho-hum..usually with over-cooked scallops and shrimp..key is to cook the seafood in the oven minus the topping and in a shallow vessel in a single the shrimp etc cook QUICKLY...then add topping to could skip the cheese in this recipe.. ALSO you could cook the Mussels in the Pumpkin might need to thin it out with a little water/stock.

Dinner For Company...Italian Style .. "Arancini" and our Tri-Colored Salad

In this class we wanted to introduce some Italian specialties that are easy and impressive...YOU can and will make at home.. Arancini..or Sicilian Risotto stuffed balls...are wonderful and an appetizer..a luncheon item..or accompaniment to a main dish..such as a Veal Chop..THIS is but one recipe..stuff them with any number of things and top with a Marinara Sauce...Tri-Color Salad is now my favorite winter the competing flavors and textures..Caesar dressing is easy enough but really demands the little "white anchovies"..imported from Sicily..not the "canned" ones..


Easy ways to improve the flavors of grilled..roasted..or sauteed foods..Keep refrigerated to use for a variety of things..great flavor boasters..

Turkish Lamb Stuffed Cabbage

One of our favorites!.. easy and delicious..popular with our class! Makes 8 Cabbage Rolls.

Easy Risotto...almost no Pasta alla Norcina

Two excellent pasta recipes from our "Pasta Class"...can't miss with either

Homemade Brown Sauce/ Green Peppercorn Sauce

Great recipe from our "Sauce Class Basics"...this is how to make an expectable brown sauce..rather than the awful boxed stocks/gravy.

Grilling Steaks 101

Grilling Meat 101. Three points are crucial to the success of grilled meat. Page #1 from our "Grill Class"... learning the basics of cooking a steak!

Our Steak Sauce..Coffee Rubbed Beef..Chimichurri Sauce

Making your own steak..or barbecue Sauce is both fun &'ll never buy the stuff in the grocery store again...Coffee rub on a grilled or sauteed steak is wonderful...Spanish Rubbed Steak..great rub and the sauce is terrific...

John's Steak Sauce..make large keeps for a long time...